The Magic Matcha | Premium Grade Matcha

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Love a refreshing drink? Then look no further... 'The Magic Matcha' is just that - magical! From lattes & frappes to cocktails & juices, you'll never fall short of recipes to impress your guests... or yourself!
This premium grade matcha is from the first harvest using a technique known as 'Shigoki
Plucking' (handpicked) by very experienced farmers. Treat yourself to 'The Magic Matcha'... there's no telling where the magic will end.
  • 100% Natural - no flavourings, no colourings, no additives... just the good stuff!
  • Premium Grade Matcha - cultivated on premium tea farms in Japan
  • Superfood - packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a rare amino acid known as L-theanine (which has a calm-inducing effect)
  • JAS & USDA - Certified Organic
  • The E&O Promise - we stand by our promise that our matcha is of the highest quality and IS the grade we say it is. 

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