The Chef's Matcha – Free Sample Subscription (5g sample followed by 30g subscription)

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If you want to ‘try before you buy’ then this is the subscription for you.

Simply sign up for a regular subscription, selecting the delivery frequency that suits your needs, and we’ll send a free sample (5g) to you first. And because we want you to up your matcha game the delivery fee’s on us!

Assuming that you're happy with your sample, a full-size order (50g) will be automatically processed and sent to you 14 days after placing your sample order. This will be charged at the discounted subscription price of £16.30 including free delivery

If you decide that 'The Chef's Matcha' isn’t for you, simply cancel your subscription without any obligation or fuss. We've made this process super quick and easy, and we'll send you a reminder before we process the full-sized order, to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to cancel if you wish.

You can also edit your subscription at any time going forward via your account dashboard, including delivery date or frequency.

Please note that there is a limit of one free sample per customer.

Matcha love to you ; )        


We've got something special for you foodies, introducing... 'The Chef's Matcha'. Experience the delightful taste of E&O's ancient green tea, from the beautiful hills of japan. Whip up some delicious recipes in the kitchen from matcha pancakes, cookies & ice cream to noodles, soups, beverages, and much more. Enjoy our culinary grade matcha and release your inner chef...
  • 100% Natural - no flavourings, no colourings, no additives... just the good stuff!
  • Culinary Grade Matcha - cultivated on premium tea farms in Japan
  • Superfood - packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a rare amino acid known as L-theanine (which has a calm-inducing effect)
  • JAS & USDA - Certified Organic
  • The E&O Promise - we stand by our promise that our matcha is of the highest quality and IS the grade we say it is. 

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