About E&O Matcha

Hello, we are E&O Matcha, a company founded by two lifelong friends, Ermias and Osman, with a passion for healthy living and this is our story...

After stumbling across Matcha...

We quickly realised how little people knew, if at all, about this ancient superfood and were fixed on making sure you could benefit from it.
With us being admirers of Japanese culture it was a no-brainer that action was needed.

After six long months of
tasting samples from Japan...

We’d still made no progress in sourcing the very best Matcha.
This called for a trip halfway across the world to Kyoto, Japan, and the ‘Wazuka Tea Festival’ where we could sample the very best Matcha from across Japan.

Finally we struck gold...

Or more appropriately, we struck MATCHA, when we were hosted by an award-winning farm in Kyoto, Japan, and given a real history lesson.
Ever since then, we fell in love with this traditional farm and it's rich history when it comes to Matcha.

Think of E&O Matcha as a friend...

A friend that wants you to get the best Matcha in the world.
The mission is simple: to positively affect as many lives as possible through our top quality matcha products. Together we have a vision to help people benefit from the wonders of Matcha.

The E&O Way

Healthy living for a healthier future

Natural goodness not supernatural goodness

Ethically sourced goods every product, every time

Respect Japanese heritage we pay homage to it

To Amaze not to please, not to satisfy

"There's more to life than increasing its speed."

- Ghandi

The E&O Motto's

Pronounced: Ichi-go Ichi-e

一期一会 is often translated to English as 'One opportunity, One encounter', 'For this time only', 'Never again' or 'One chance in a lifetime'.

The translation we resonate with and operate by is 'Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur'. This saying was explained to us when we visited our supplier farm in Kyoto and it had such a deep meaning, so profound, that we had no choice other than to embed it into our brand's culture. The term comes from Zen Buddhism and is strongly tied to the Japanese tea ceremony. Scrolls that are hung in the tea room often bare this saying. It serves to remind us during the tea ceremony, that each tea meeting is unique, individual and unrepeatable and therefore each moment should be treated as a treasure.

Apply this philosophy to your life and you'll begin to see it sparkle. How would you greet a friend in a conversation you knew would never happen again? How would you spend that hour you knew you could never rewind? So the moral of the story is to treat every moment as the first and the last because today's catch up over coffee or tonight's dinner date will never come again. At E&O we ingrain this philosophy into everything we do from treasuring each and every one of our customers to carefully listening and responding to what our clients have to say. 

To Know Is To Experience...

This saying is undoubtedly a lot more straight forward: To Know is to Experience. Let's take swimming for example... now, you can read all the books in the world you want about swimming, you can theorise 'til your blue in the face (no pun intended), you can watch all the Michael Phelps races you want, but until you jump into the deep end i.e. 'experience' swimming, you will never really know what it's like to swim.

And that goes for most things really. Until you actually try something, you'll never really know what it's like. When it comes to matcha and Japanese culture, we could have just watched some videos online, or read a book or two about how wonderful Japan and matcha is, yes that's true. But what better way to soak up all the knowledge, sights and smells of this rich culture than to travel to Japan and 'experience' it first hand... so that's what we did. And that's the ethos we carry at E&O, we'll have a taste, see what it's about, and then make our decision based on our experience.