Kyoto Kaizen – Premium Grade Matcha (30g)

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SMOOTH AND CREAMY, EASY TO MIX - our premium grade matcha tea comes as an ultra-fine powder making it super easy to mix in tea, lattes, juices, baking, cooking and more.

100% NATURAL, ALWAYS FRESH - to preserve the natural green goodness, our vegan green tea powder comes in a handy travel size tin which is shipped directly from Japan to ensure its freshness… please enjoy every sip!

UNFORGETTABLE TASTE - this matcha boasts an unforgettably rich, mature taste, which has a long, lingering finish on the palate akin to that of fine wine. It has a high-quality earth-green fragrance and is bright green in colour with a smooth texture - as high-quality matcha should have. Naturally high in protein, naturally high in fiber, naturally salt-free and naturally low in sugars & fat.

IMPROVED FAT LOSS - E&O Matcha is rich in the antioxidant EGCG which studies prove promotes the loss of fat and increases daily energy expenditure.

ENHANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM - with 137x more antioxidants (and 15 times more potent) than regular green tea, E&O Matcha can help build your immune system up to fight off infections, illness and disease

IMPROVE CONCENTRATION AND RELAXATION - containing two proteins (L-Theanine and Theophylline) and caffeine, matcha provides a calming natural energy boost without the jitters of coffee whilst simultaneously enhancing your mood… what more could you ask for?


Brewing Notes:

1. Sift 1 - 2 grams (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) into a tea-bowl (ordinary bowl can be used).

2. Add a few drops of COLD water & make a paste using a whisk. 

3. Add 60 - 100 ml (depending on your taste preference) of hot water. Use water that's just under a boil.

4. Vigorously whisk in a Zig-Zag/W motion until the tea is frothy. Sit back relax and enjoy your green bowl of goodness (transfer to mug/cup if you'd like).

Pour over ice and add cold water to make a refreshing ice tea. You can also add some matcha to your juices, smoothies, latte's and foods such as salad, cereal, pasta, rice and pulses, soup, yogurt, ice cream and desserts

Ingredients: Premium Grade Matcha green tea (100%) from Japan (Kyotonabe, Jouyou).

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians | Gluten-free | Sugar-free

Advisory  Information:

Matcha is a natural source of caffeine so limit daily intake to 2 cups per day (or 2 grams). Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Our Premium Grade Matcha should form part of a varied and balanced diet & a healthy lifestyle.